What makes selling your home “By Owner” so difficult.

I talk to home owners all the time who are trying to sell their property without a Realtor. I understand what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to sell their house themselves because they love their home, they know all of the improvements and updates, and they can communicate it effectively! They want to do their house justice because they love it so much. That’s great, but the battle one will face when they take this on, is that Zillow while is where most buyers go to search for homes. But it’s also where Realtors go to promote their listings! When you put your property on Zillow, a homeowner is competing for the attention of home buyers, and their competition is a bunch of Realtors who are also trying to get the attention of home buyers.

Unfortunately for those trying to sell their house on their own, Realtors are skilled in this area and are professionally trained to get the attention of buyers. Naturally, this puts the homeowner at a huge disadvantage.

Here’s why! Buyers typically start their home search with sites like Zillow. When they see a house they like, they see a message that says thatĀ  “I would like to learn more about this property“, they hit the button and the message is emailed to the homeowner. Homeowners get the email and attempt to set the appointment. Unfortunately for that homeowner, typically three Realtors will also get that same message, and they understand that if you respond to an RFI (Request For Information) within the first thirty seconds after the request has been made, you’re most likely to pick up that buyer as a client. They drill and prep for these phone calls and they are making that call with an agenda to set a meeting and get them looking for houses. And they are making the calls the fastest, thus securing the appointment.

Now, it’s important to point out that these Realtors aren’t bad people. They are business people that for the most part, do great work. But as a homeowner, you’re going into the world of the Realtor, and if you’re going into that world, you need to be ready for it. Because once a Realtor gets ahold of that buyer who wants to know about your property, they immediately start getting them approved for a loan, and getting them information about other properties that may be for sale that for their criteria and they begin sending them information sent to them from the MLS. And, if you don’t return the call from the Realtor when it’s time to go check out listings, you better believe that the buyer who was interested in your house, is going to get sold on a listing in the MLS.

So if this hasn’t scared you off yet, heres some tips if you want to compete in the Zillow game:

1) Offer Realtor Compensation: A Realtor isn’t going to show your house unless they are getting paid. Be ready to send them a compensation addendum as soon as you get off the phone. I recommend a minimum of 2%.

2) You have 30 seconds when someone sends you a message or calls you for more information. After 10 minutes, forget about it, they are more than likely already in someone else’s database.

3) You need to call them 7 times on the first day. I know how that sounds. But trust me on this one.

4) Once you get a lead, they are probably still in a Realtor’s database. You need to keep in contact with them because they are likely being show multiple houses at that point. Drop what you’re doing and set an appointment. Go get coffee, a beer, or dinner. You need to wine and dine them.

So there you have it. The world of Real Estate is a pretty crazy and fun world to live and work in. But there’s no room for folks who aren’t interested in hustling. Millions of listings expire every day across the United States, and tons of Realtors go out of business every year because they can’t get people into their listings. If you think you’ve got the chops for it, then go sell that house! But if you think you’re going to go to work and answer messages and emails when you get home. I’ve only got one thing to say to you……thanks for the lead!

If you still want to try it on your own. Download my FSBO Ebook here

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