Real Estate Agents, this is for you!
attracktor.PNGAttracktor helps you generate more referrals, enhance the client experience, & create spin off business.

Attracktor helps you keep your brand on top with your network and define a level of service that ATTRACTS business.

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Attracktor is a full marketing training University.

This course offers over $2,000 in training courses absolutely FREE. Sellers today don’t


hire Realtors they hire marketers who can expose

their property to hundreds of potential buyers. Creating more value in today’s market begins with you acquiring more skills!

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Attracktor keeps YOU in the know of the latest marketing trends.

Attracktor is an online mastermind community. Part of becoming a better marketer involves staying in the know of what’s working and what’s not. It’s our job to do that for you. It’s your job to pay attention!

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How do you join

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This is a business model and a mindset that requires the knowledge to implement what we call The Attract & Retain Formula.
Once you sign up for the Attracktor,You will get a 30-Day Free Trial so that you have plenty of
time to take training.

That’s a pretty fair deal, yes?

You are going to get $2,000 in taining FREE! You can steal our power points,listing
presentation, buyers presentation, and anything else you want Risk FREE!

The Attract & Retain formula is all about attracting clients to work with you by taking the sales out
of real estate and creating extreme value up front. You’re going to learn how to give,give,give,with
all your marketing efforts – so people will be attracted to doing business with you.

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