Schedule Me To Speak At Your Event

Do you have an event coming up, and you need someone to come and speak? Let me know! Trust me, I’m hilarious and I can be extremely informative.
You want to sell your house without an agent. But what do you need? What is step one? What do you do after you get an offer? Do you use Craigslist, or do you put an ad in the paper? The FSBO University Course is approximately two hours, and gives you resources for pricing, marketing, scripts for dealing with agents. The cost of this course is $25.00 per person.
Real Estate is all about relationships. This presentation is for agents who want to learn how to attract business via their own sphere of influence. This presentation has a 30 minute version, and a two hour version. Cost of this presentation varies for audience and location.
Flip This Agent
Agent branding is important. This presentation is appropriate for any business but is specific to real estate agents. We talk about how people find you, and the various packages that we offer in order to help you grow, and automate your brand. Because this presentation does have an up-sell component. There’s no cost for this presentation unless it’s 50 Miles outside of St Louis County. Then cost of transportation will apply.
Do you have a blog? Should you have a blog? We take a look at the history of blogging and how it has evolved over the years. This presentation is approximately 30 minutes and the cost of this presentation varies for audience and location.
The St Louis Real Estate market presentation takes between 15-30 minutes and there’s no cost associated with this presentation. If you want a presentation for an area outside of the St Louis market. Speaking and Transportation Fee may apply.