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So you’re thinking about selling your home, and you’ve decided that you want to use a Realtor, and not try to sell by owner. But where do you start?

The answer to this question actually doesn’t help me. I would much rather you call me, beg me for a listing agreement, sign it, and then do whatever I tell you to do until an offer comes. However, this isn’t about me. This is all about you, and getting your home sold quickly and for the most amount of money.

My recommendation is to call at least 3 Realtors and interview them (Including Me). With them, they will usually bring a comparable market analysis giving you an indication of value on your home and information on their services. Trust me when I say this….it is 100% Impossible for a Realtor to give a valuation of your property without seeing the inside of it, anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

So what do I do?

  1. I may refer you to another agent: This isn’t because I don’t WANT to work with you. But I will only work with ten listings at a time. I do this because I know what I’m capable of, and I would rather under promise and over deliver my listing services.
  2. Property Tour: This is where I visit your home or property and walk through it in order to learn about the property. During this time, I’ll ask you to talk to me about things you love about your home, things you’re concerned about. Improvements you’ve made. I’ll also make some staging recommendations and give you some ideas to think about when the time comes for you to put your property on the market.
  3. The Listing Presentation: This USUALLY happens a couple of days after the property tour. A lot of agents will call their meeting with you a listing presentation but it’s really just a market analysis they printed out and a hope that you’re of the 85% of people who use the first agent that they meet. My listing presentation consists of Market Analysis, Marketing Overview, Customized Marketing Strategy, and Course of Action Presentation.

Once we get through the listing presentation, and you’ve decided that I’m the right agent for you and your family. We will build out our plan. We will still need to prepare your house for going on the market, schedule photography, build your properties web page, order just listed post cards, set open house dates, and then finally go live with your listing.

This is something that takes about one to two weeks to get everything set up. A lot of agents will say that they can have you on market in a couple of days. but if you’re going to have a quality marketing strategy, it will take some time in order to get it done correctly.

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